We are a dental technology master laboratory that has been synonymous with high quality at fair terms since 2010. Our team consists of 30 highly qualified dental technicians under the management of experienced master dental technicians. The “digital” members of the team are specialized in precise CAD/CAM fabrication while the “analog” members concentrate on esthetics, form, and function. Both teams supplement one another ideally thanks to their extensive training.

Labcom produces the entire restoration entirely in its own laboratories at two sites. From ceramic layering to CNC processing, we are therefore responsible for the quality of all steps.

Markus Schütz Dentallabor Labcom Luxemburg


Completed his studies as a dental technician in Austria in 1991. After his studies (Tirol/Baden near Vienna), Markus Schütz worked as a ceramic technician in various laboratories in Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg.

He was intensively involved in digital fabrication in dental technology from 2000 until he became managing partner of an international milling center in 2007. Publications in specialist journals and close collaborations with implant dentistry companies as well as his presentations in Europe confirm him as an expert in CAD/CAM technology. He has been the managing director of the Labcom laboratory and the Camex milling center since 2012. His aim is to forge a symbiosis between the esthetic/analog and the digital worlds.


- Patient photography
- Minimally invasive techniques
- Case planning for implant dentistry/esthetics
- Digital techniques
- Adhesive techniques

Martin Scheuer Dentallabor Labcom Luxemburg


Completed his studies as a dental technician in 1994 after which he traveled around to hone his skills in various businesses. In 2004 he attended the master technician school in Trier (DE) where he worked as a manager in the clinical and commercial laboratory. In 2010 he moved to Luxembourg where he founded Labcom S.A. (AG). His area of focus is esthetic functional dental restorations and implant dentistry.


- Esthetic anterior reconstructions
- Telescope technique
- Implant technique