Improved structural design and the ultimate esthetics


LABCOM specialist laboratory for esthetic dental restorations

The master dental technical laboratory Labcom provides premium dental restorations that are always esthetically tailored to patients with the greatest precision.

A dental restoration is more than simply a precise fabrication. It is an interaction between the therapeutic concept, material, and the technical and dental design.

We offer you consistent concepts that efficiently support your treatment. We have systematically structured our dental workflows and adapted them to your dental treatment scheduling to achieve this. Your appointment scheduling forms the framework of our implementation.

Humans shape our everyday world and it is humans that shape our laboratory.



Implant dentistry

Evidence-based implant prosthetics with long-term success.

Minimally invasive

Minimally invasive or tooth-sparing therapy concepts are increasingly replacing conventional approaches.

Combination prosthetics

Combination solutions in esthetics and function.


Every smile is unique. Every personality expresses itself individually.

Metal free

High-performance materials enable metal-free, biocompatible, and esthetic premium restorations.


Orthodontics combines a knowledge of biology, function, and esthetics